Prepare Your Equipment for Winter Storage

— Written By Sarah Scott

The temperatures outside are dropping as a new season approaches. For many of us the choir of frequently mowing and weed-eating our lawn has begun to wind down and we are looking forward to storing our equipment away for the season. Before you park your mower in the shed there are a few maintenance tips to keep in mind.
Take advantage of some down time for your mower and remove, clean and sharpen your blades. Check the oil and run the gas out of the engine for winter storage. After a full season of use, your mower’s air filter needs to be cleaned to remove dust and debris. Remember to check belts and fittings to ensure that they are in good condition and fitted properly.
String trimmers usually take a beating during the growing season so before storing, clean the inside of the deflector or guard to remove grass build-up, disassemble the cutting line head and remove any debris that is caught and use up any remaining fuel in the tank. Hedge trimmers should be cleaned and sprayed with a lubricant before storing away for the season.
Check and replace spark plugs if necessary and store all equipment somewhere out of the weather. Taking some time to prepare for winter storage can help you extend your equipment’s life and save you some hassle and headache when it’s time to pull it all back out again in the spring.