Test Soil Now for 2020 Gardens!

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Fertilizing plants without knowing the soil pH and fertility is like planning a trip without knowing the starting point. You have to know where you are to know what steps to take to get to your destination. You must know the existing pH and fertility to decide how much (if any) lime and fertilizer to apply for optimum plant growth.

N.C. Cooperative Extension in partnership with the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Sciences provide NC citizens the opportunity to test their garden and crop soils. In order to manage the demand on this service, a $4 fee is charged from late November through March. Take your soil test now to avoid this fee and to learn just what your garden/lawn/crop land needs in the way of lime and fertilizer.

Without soil testing, it is easy to apply too much fertilizer, or not enough! You just don’t know unless you soil test.

Contact the N.C. Cooperative Extension, Haywood County Center at 828-456-3575 (or your local Extension Center) to learn how to take a soil sample and to pick up the supplies you will need.

Or for more information:

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