4-H and JOANN Partnership

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JOANN and 4-H are once again teaming up to collect donations at the register and offer special discounts for JOANN/4-H Rewards Card members. The activation will help in the effort to ensure every kid has an equal opportunity to succeed by bringing 4-H to more kids nationwide via local unrestricted funding. Visit any JOANN store between March 1 and April 30, 2021, to participate or donate online at 4-H & JOANN.

In addition, this year during the campaign, JOANN will be hosting a free, take-home craft event on April 18 in all stores. The kits will include LEGO DOTs and kids will be able to create a bunny and chick and coloring pages. In each craft bag will be messaging about donating to 4-H and creating opportunity for all.

JOANN Partnership Reminders

  • The JOANN POS Campaign doesn’t require or expect in-store involvement by 4-H’ers so you may not see them in stores.
  • JOANN POS funds are unrestricted, but we suggest they be spent on “JOANN type” projects and activities.
  • Sometimes JOANN stores aren’t great about displaying the info/asking if people want to donate. Please ask your JOANN store associate about donating between March 1 and April 30.
  • You may see 4-H fabric in a few stores left over from a couple of years ago, know that there are new styles and designs coming in August so don’t worry if you see the old stuff on clearance.
  • JOANN does not have the capability to accept donations online so the donate online link goes to National 4-H Council. We will be able to credit those donations to your state just like we do with those that donate at the register.