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Fresh Rainbow Trout From North Carolina

North Carolina rainbow trout can be purchased in many grocery stores and seafood markets in North Carolina. Fresh, processed rainbow trout can also be purchased at the following outlets.

Carolina Mountain Trout Company
Andrews, NC
Products: D,B,F,W
Hump Mountain Trout
Elk Park, NC
Products: D,F,S
Otter Creek Trout
Topton, NC
Products: W,D,F
D = dressed, either head on or off
F = fillets
W = whole trout
C = caviar
Pate = pate’ or dip
B = boneless whole trout
S = smoked fillets
* order 1 day in advance

The use of brand names in this publication does not imply endorsement of the products or services named or criticism of similar ones not mentioned.